Somebody was smoking weed in public

Back when our kids were in elementary school, I took them to a show in the town to see a group of performers do dances on the ice. The teenagers were gleeful for a week, because they knew they were going to witness some of their fave characters that day. The location was packed with locals and the parking lot was packed on the day of the performance. I got to the location early, so both of us could avoid heavy traffic and added delays. The teenagers and I had seats near the middle of the auditorium. The gang of us weren’t recognizably close to the stage, but both of us had an unquestionably fantastic view of everything. After the show began, the crowded room became quiet and the lights went down. There was no light in the audience at all until I saw flashing orange lights. I recognized the light immediately. I have a marijuana vape pen with the same orange lights. I saw the orange light flash a couple of times and then I began to odor the distinctive odor of medical marijuana. I wondered why other people didn’t say anything to the lady who was clearly smoking cannabis in the audience. I could odor the drug honestly clearly and I’m sure the usher at the end of the aisle could odor it too. There was no smoke, so it had to be a marijuana vape pen. The children’s ice concert was no venue for marijuana and I was disappointed that the folks running the venue did not eject the girl from the concert for using an illegal substance around the teenagers.


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