Someone called the store with a bomb threat

Yesterday my boss fired a guy and I think he called the marijuana store today where they bomb threat. Someone called the store today where the bomb threat and that is the first and only time it has ever happened. Yesterday when the guy got fired, he threatened all kinds of things. The guy is just crazy enough to call the store with a threat. I was working behind the counter when the manager came to the front desk and told us to stop all sales. She has never said anything like that to us. She went to the security officer and he used his loud voice to alert all of the customers that they needed to leave the building at once. Nobody knew what was happening at the time, but everyone was told to leave the building. The manager told each one of us to leave our station. We were to leave our cash registers and everything as they were and get out of the store. When everyone was safely out of the marijuana dispensary, the manager told us what was going on. A moment after we were all out of the store, the fire department arrived and so did the sheriff. Two more squad cars arrived after that and so did the bomb squad. They went through the building with a fine tooth comb and did not find anything at all that was out of the ordinary. They deduced that the call was a prank. That made me think of the guy that was fired yesterday. I’ll bet he was the one that caused all of the problems.

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