Spa trip after the marijuana shopping

But the look on her face when Jane and I pulled up to a local cannabis spot was just priceless

It didn’t honestly occur to me til just before I surprised my wifey that where Jane and I were going, recreational marijuana was legal. I’ve been accused of not being too spontaneous nor full-on loving with Jane. While those characteristics have some kernel of truth, I’m madly in cherish with Jane. I just need to be more into showing that cherish in a loving way. There is no doubt that I communicate my feelings for Jane. But doing something deranged like whisking her away to a spa for a long and loving weekend was entirely in order. So I set the whole thing up not realizing that Jane and I would also be able to shop for marijuana for sale as well. The spa was sort of remote and about a four hour drive away. But Jane and I would cross into a state that allowed recreational marijuana use. I’m blissful that I had a couple of afternoons to pin down the location of a few local cannabis spots prior to getting on the road. I entirely picked Jane up from labor right as she was going to lunch. I had already made arrangements with her boss and I had her bags packed thanks to help from her sister. Jane was so blown away. But the look on her face when Jane and I pulled up to a local cannabis spot was just priceless. We were able to find some killer cannabis products along with some cannabis edibles to take with us to the spa. It was such a relaxing and fun weekend and Jane and I enjoyed dining at the four star diner on site. The marijuana edibles sure didn’t hurt anything.



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