Stop having panic attacks

I started having anxiety attacks after I got a raise at work.

They didn’t wreck me, but they concerned me.

I would feel 1 coming on, excuse myself and go quietly freak out somewhere else. It was so annoying to have that issue come up at work. I started drinking herbal tea, doing yoga and breathing techniques throughout our morning in order to stop this issue. I couldn’t seem to fix it. I started looking at anti-anxiety pills online but the side effects looked terrible. I also made the mistake of looking at the horror stories of people on the pills. I ended up trying something different. I read that people smoke cannabis in order to fight anxiety. I am in a professional setting. I really didn’t want to pack a bowl or take a pipe with myself and others to work. I knew I could get a medical marijuana card plus justify it, however I didn’t want people to see myself and others smoking. I also didn’t want to smell like weed during the morning. I ended up talking to a budtender at the cannabis dispensary near me. The guy was really wonderful. He told myself and others that our fears were about smoking cannabis flower products. I could vape a cannabis oil plus not have any of those worries. I could carry a vape in our wallet that requires myself and others to press a button plus inhale. There is no complex setting up process with it. The vapor that comes out of the pen is odorless and dissipates swiftly. He told myself and others I could smoke it in the powder room plus nobody would know.

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