Stopped the spiral with legal weed

When legal weed was on the ballot, I was sort of neither here nor there about the whole thing.

It was a weird way to feel perhaps but legal cannabis just wasn’t a big concern for me.

I had voted for medical marijuana when it passed. I wanted folks to have access to legal pot for stuff like cancer and other ailments that legal weed helps to manage. However, I never would have thought that I too would be accessing the cannabis store for my health. I didn’t have cancer or anything that would necessarily send me to the hospital. But I wasn’t far off. My life seemed to be sort of spiraling out of control since my wife and I divorced. While the marriage ended amicably, there was still this void in my life that I was both unable to accept and filling up with bad stuff. Soon, I found that I was not doing well at work and preferred to be alone. The alcohol consumption increased and there was no real taking care of myself. A friend got me into see a holistic therapist and that may have saved my life. As part of the treatment, I went to the legal weed store to get the recreational pot that was now legal. This legal weed was just the ticket to help me ease into and commit to a whole new way of life. It hasn’t been exactly easy but it’s working. I’m much better these days and am feeling like the is room for love and joy in my life once again.

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