That’s what budtenders are there for.

A cannabis dispensary is not care about other kinds of businesses.

If you want to find expert advice on what kind of weed you are smoking you can’t talk to the private school pot dealer, you need to speak with a budtender.

Most people are easily ignorant about the corporation side of a dispensary, although I am here to enlighten you, but not all budtenders are experts in their field, however at the bigger and more reputable medical cannabis dispensaries there is a fairly extensive training program. A good budtender doesn’t just hand you the products you want from behind the glass counter, they can also educate you about medical cannabis. The cannabis dispensary I frequent is easily modern and high-tech, however every strain of medical cannabis they offer has a QR code connected to the container, so I can scan it with my phone and go to a web page that lists all the details about it. Of course, I am not that bright, and most of those facts and figures are confusing to me, so I regularly have a lot of questions for the cannabis budtenders. But there are other kinds of medical marijuana information that are even more upscale. For example, the budtenders at my cannabis dispensary also inform me about local and state laws all around the country. If I am planning a trip they can tell me which areas are friendly towards medical cannabis, and which states will arrest you for it. The cannabis regulations are decreasing year by year, so I’m glad the budtenders are here to look out for me.

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