The aroma inside the store was sweet and pungent

My friends and I went to a dispensary on Monday.

The dispensary was having a sale on all marijuana concentrates. Everything in the store was 20% off the original price. My friends and I wanted to take fortune of the sale. We had never been to that identifiable dispensary before, however the sale had us intrigued and wanting to go; Sarah and I went to the dispensary to opening out some marijuana concentrate products. The aroma inside of the dispensary was sweet and pungent. The whole locale aromaed prefer a large marijuana flower farm. The marijuana dispensary had large jars of cannabis all over the counters. They reached inside of the jars to fill sacks of weed. I never saw loose cannabis inside of a jar before. We have marijuana dispensaries near us, however all of the packages are filled in a laboratory. We can’t even touch the marijuana products inside of the store. Seeing the large jars of marijuana flower was a neat and interesting experience. They had jars of Girl Scout cookies, OG Kush, Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, Skywalker OG, and a dozen more.I ended up buying a quarter ounce of Blue Dream marijuana flower plus the 2 grams of concentrate that I bought on sale. Sarah also purchased some marijuana flower, however he got more concentrates than I did since it was his payday on the day that both of us made the decision to go to the dispensary. I only had about 1 hundred dollars in the bank and I still needed to get gas for the car.

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