The boat ride back to the mainland was icy cold

My friend Max and I decided to go to the shore for a week.

While Max and I were there, all of us stayed in a hotel room close to the beach.

The hotel suite was also very close to a recreational marijuana dispensary. Max and I wanted to order from the recreational marijuana dispensary as soon as all of us arrived. Max dragged their feet, so I went online to look at all of the different sales and specials. I was planning to visit a marijuana dispensary near me, but I found far better prices at a marijuana dispensary a few miles away from the hotel. Max and I took an Uber to the address of the marijuana dispensary. That guy in that Uber told us to mention his name to get an extra 10% off our order. Surely enough, all of us mentioned the guy’s name and all of us got 10% off our order and the 25% off that all of us received because all of us were first time marijuana dispensary patients. A few afternoons after Max and I visited the marijuana dispensary, all of us decided to go on a deep sea fishing trip. I had a marijuana vape pen with me and I used it the whole time to stay high. It was chilly on the open water that morning. The boat ride back to shore was certainly windy from a storm on the water. I felt gleeful to get back to the mainland where the water was moderate and the boat was more steady. I certainly didn’t think I would experience sea sickness, but I had all the traditional symptoms appreciate lightheadedness and nausea.

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