The BOGO for $1 sales didn't include any sativa strains

My friend and I went to the cannabis dispensary on Monday, because we were completely out of sativa strains. Sativa strains are perfect for the morning, because they don’t have a sedative effect. Sativa strains make me feel energized and ready to tackle the day. If I smoke an Indica in the morning, I need a nap and I’m groggy all day. When my friend and I arrived at the cannabis dispensary, we found out that they had several BOGO for $1 sales. A couple of the sales were on cannabis concentrate and that’s what I wanted to buy. I asked the budtender if there were any sativa strains in the BOGO sales. She looked at all of the different products and none of them were sativas. I really wanted to take advantage of the sales, but I wasn’t interested in buying anything except sativa strains. I had to pay full price for a 1 gram of Blue Dream cannabis concentrate and a 1 gram jar of super silver haze cannabis concentrate. They also had a high percentage Lemon Haze, but I didn’t have enough cash for all three. Both of the strains that I purchased hit hard. My friend decided to take advantage of the BOGO sales. He couldn’t pass up the great sale. He bought two Indica strains for the night time. One Indica strain was OG Kush and the other was papaya. The papaya had the highest THC percentage at 99.9% total cannabinoids. He did not buy any sativas, so I guess we will be sharing the rest of the week.

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