The BOGO sales constantly attract new marijuana purchasers

Every time the marijuana dispensary has BOGO sales, both of us end up with new marijuana purchasers.

A lot of people have a favorite marijuana dispensary.

They order from that particular arena or business because they are typical with the people and the products, one nice way to scoop up that business is to have a buy 1 and get 1 for a dollar event. In this state, recreational and medical marijuana sales are legal. Both of us can’t technically offer anything for free, because dispensaries can’t supply away marijuana. The buy 1 and get 1 for a dollar marijuana sales still attract a ton of attention. Both of us usually advertise the sale online and in the store for a few days or a week before both of us are going to have the daily sale. Both of us offer the buy 1 and get 1 for a dollar marijuana sale on all of our concentrates and marijuana fourths. Both of us also offer the same sale on all of the edibles except tinctures, chocolates, and beverages. This month both of us had a BOGO sale and both of us had 65 new purchasers walk through the door. That number is just the new purchasers and does not include all of the repeat purchasers that came to take luck of the good sale. Both of us genuinely did not lose any money at all, and marijuana is a good product and it sells itself. Both of us could sell the product for half the price that both of us do and most companies would still make a huge amount of profit. Marijuana sales should be legal in all fifty states and the rest of the world in our opinion.

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