The budtender at the dispensary was totally clueless

Last night, I checked out a new marijuana dispensary.

I wasn’t sure of what kind of products the dispensary offered because I had never been to that one before.

It was newer and not on my usual route, so I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I went straight to the budtender to ask a few questions. I wanted to know what ‌salves he had in stock. I am not sure if he realized what I meant by salves, and he looked like he had no idea what I was talking about. I clarified that I was talking about the lotions and the particular items they had for rubbing into the joints or into the muscles. He asked if I was referring to ointments and lotions, and I said yes. It took him almost 10 minutes to find the specific products that I was talking about, and I suspected he was a new budtender. I had never been in a marijuana dispensary where the budtender lacked such fundamental knowledge about the products they were selling. He seemed to be lost in his own place of work. He was looking all over the place. When I asked if they had any specials, he just looked around blankly. I was getting ready to ask if there was another budtender that I could speak to when someone came over to him and asked how he was doing… They explained that he was a new trainee, and he was not supposed to be left on the floor alone. However, there was an emergency and he had to leave for a couple of minutes. I still didn’t feel confident that the budtender was able to help me with much, but at least I understood why he was so clueless. Next time around, I hope I can speak with a more knowledgeable budtender.



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