The budtender had little comprehension about her dispensary.

About a week ago, I went to a new marijuana dispensary.

  • Since it opened up earlier that month, I had never been to this dispensary before, so I didn’t know what was on their menu or how they did the sales.

I walked up to the budtender who was on duty, and asked if I could ask her some questions. I was interested in learning about what ‌salves she had in stock. Based on the confused look on her face, I am not sure if she realized what I meant by salves. I clarified that I was looking for the lotions and the unique items they had for rubbing into the joints or into the muscles. After a few moments, she asked if I was referring to THC infused lotions, to which I nodded. It took her an extended amount of time to find the products that I was talking about, and I suspected she was a new budtender. I had never been in a marijuana dispensary where the budtender was so clueless. She didn’t seem to know ‌where anything in the dispensary was laid out. She even seemed unsure of their specials. I was getting ready to ask if she had a manager that I could speak to, when someone came over to check in on her. The person then informed me that this was the first day the budtender was training. She was supposed to be supervised at all times, but something came up that they had to handle, so she was left alone. I was still upset about working with the budtender, although I now knew why she acted as oddly as she did. Next time I come into the marijuana dispensary, I’ll look for a budtender that knows what they are doing.


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