The budtender had little expertise about her dispensary.

Apparently, it was the budtender’s first day, which made a lot more sense

I was in a marijuana dispensary several weeks ago that just opened up in the area. I had never been to this dispensary before, so I wasn’t certain of their menu or how they did the sales. I walked up to the budtender who was on duty. I told her that I was looking to see what types of salves they had available for purchase. She looked at me with such confusion that I was not sure if she realized what I meant by salves. I told her I was talking about the lotions for rubbing into the joints or into the muscles, or any other products that helped relieve muscle pain and aches. Still looking puzzled, she asked if I meant marijuana ointments, to which I nodded. It took her several minutes to find the muscle relief products that I was talking about, so it seemed pretty obvious that she wasn’t a very experienced budtender. I had never been in a marijuana dispensary where the budtender had so little expertise. She didn’t even seem like she knew the layout of the dispensary. I also asked her if they had any flower specials going on and she said she’d have to check in the back. Right when I asked if I could speak to someone else with more experience, another budtender came rushing out of the back room. She told me that an emergency had come up so she was forced to leave her trainee on her own. Apparently, it was the budtender’s first day, which made a lot more sense. I was still concerned about working with the budtender because I knew she couldn’t offer me much information of value. At least I now knew why she acted as oddly as she did, but next time I come into the marijuana dispensary, I’ll look for a seasoned budtender..

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