The budtender had unquestionably little know-how about her dispensary.

Earlier this week, I decided to go into a dispensary I had never been in before.

  • I always go to the same dispensary, so I felt a little out of my element.

I approached the budtender and mentioned that I was looking for salves that help with muscle and joint pain. The budtender seemed unsure of what I had in mind, even though there are usually a wide variety of salves available at dispensaries. Finally, she asked if I was looking for lotion, and I said that a lotion would be fine with me. She then proceeded to wander around the dispensary looking lost before finally returning with a marijuana infused lotion. I then asked if they had any specials, and she again looked completely puzzled. I had never been in a marijuana dispensary where the budtender lacked so much knowledge. I was getting ready to ask if she had a manager that I could speak to when someone came over to her to check in! They explained to me ‌ that she was just a trainee, so he was not supposed to leave her side. However, there was an emergency that caused him to leave for a couple of minutes. I was still anxious about working with the budtender, but it made a lot more sense. Even still, when I come into a marijuana dispensary, I am looking for a budtender that can offer me advice and input.


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