The budtender had very little knowledge about her dispensary.

I was in a new marijuana dispensary about three weeks ago.

I had never been to this dispensary before, so I wasn’t really sure of their menu or how they did the sales.

I walked up to the budtender who was on duty, and asked if I could ask her some questions. I wanted to know what ‌salves she had in stock? I’m not sure if she realized what I meant by salves, but she gave me a very strange look. I told her it was talking about the lotions and the unique items they had for rubbing into the joints or into the muscles. She asked if I meant marijuana ointments, to which I nodded. It took her almost 10 minutes to find the different products that I was talking about, and I suspected she was a new budtender. I had never been in a marijuana dispensary where the budtender had so little knowledge. She seemed to be at a loss ‌ where anything in the dispensary was laid out. She even seemed unsure of their daily specials. I was getting ready to ask if she had a manager that I could speak to, when someone came over to her and asked how she was doing. They explained to me ‌she was a new trainee, and he was not supposed to leave her side, but there was an emergency and he had to leave for a couple of seconds. I was still nervous about working with the budtender, but I now knew why she acted as oddly as she did. Next time I come into the marijuana dispensary, I’ll look for a different budtender..


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