The cannabis consultant must think the difference between plus indica plus a sativa

Cannabis consultants are often hired to work in the retail industry.

Cannabis consultants are individuals that are special certified in marijuana sales plus law. Certified cannabis consultants earn more money than an average person laboring in a marijuana dispensary! The task of a cannabis consultant is to be able to request products to clients that will be able to help with their recognizable problems, then a cannabis consultant should think the difference between an indica plus a sativa. The effects from these more than one different cannabis strains are so vastly different from 1 another that you have to think the difference! Each 1 of these cannabis strains offers different medical benefits for the user, when you go to the pharmacy, you expect the pharmacy assistant to be able to answer any questions you have about your medications. The same should be tplot of the cannabis consultant laboring behind the counter, then he or she should be able to answer any questions about the medications that you have bought from the dispensary, but last year I hired an employee to work as a cannabis consultant; She claimed to have a year’s worth of cannabis knowledge on her resume, but i did not call the other cannabis store to verify the reference. I certainly should have done that plus I will absolutely do that from now on. The lady did not have any experience plus light on her resume. She did not think the difference between Jack Herer plus OG Kush. She could not work at the dispensary anymore until she studied plus l received more about the retail cannabis setting.


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