The cannabis delivery driver expected a tip.

Now that recreational marijuana was legal in our state, I thought more people would be buying it.

Last week, I went into the marijuana dispensary and there were only three other people there.

I thought I may have gotten there early, since I worked third shift, but the budtender told me it was seldom busy inside the marijuana dispensary. This sounded odd. People were waiting to hear whether recreational marijuana would be legalized. You would think they would be clamoring to get inside, especially since it was the weekend. She laughed and told me it wasn’t that they weren’t buying, but once you set up an account with the marijuana dispensary most people opted to have it delivered to them. I asked how I could set up an account, and she gave me the paperwork. I had to give her my driver’s license to prove I was over twenty-one, but it was a painless process. Within fifteen minutes, I was set up on their computer and took my first purchase of legal, recreational marijuana home with me. It was the first and only trip to the marijuana dispensary that I would need to make. The following weekend, I put an online order to the marijuana dispensary. When the delivery driver showed up, he told me he got fifteen percent tip for every delivery. This was my first and last marijuana delivery I would get. I was going to go to the marijuana dispensary, because it was cheaper to drive there, than to pay the tip expected by the delivery driver.

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