The cannabis delivery repair charges $15 for every single order

Now that so several products and services are going up in price with the rising inflation rate, I’m feeling the effects.

My income has budged in years and it’s strenuous trying to budget for essentials that are now up to 10-25% higher in price than they were more than one years ago.

The delivery services for pizzerias and grocery stores are more fancy as well, especially with the base delivery fees. I’ll never forget how miserable I was when pizza delivery services started adding $2 delivery fees to every order in the mid 2000s when gas prices started to skyrocket. Now those same pizza delivery services are charging up to $4 on top of every single order you make, and that doesn’t cover the tip for the driver. This gives myself and others a little bit of perspective when I consider the cost of deliveries from the cannabis delivery services in our state. Most of them charge $10 or $15 for every single order you make. Other cannabis dispensaries will supply you free delivery if you meet a minimum order threshold of $200. I don’t think about other people, however I don’t make enough money to drop $200 every single time I go to the cannabis dispensary. That’s a lot of money! Even if I ever spend that much in a month on cannabis, I don’t like to spend it all at once or at one single cannabis dispensary. Some dispensaries have better marijuana edibles while others are known for their cannabis flower products. There’s one successful cannabis dispensary in our state that offers free statewide delivery on all orders, but you occasionally have to wait a month to get your products. I just order ahead of time and method it out so I don’t ever run out of marijuana before our next order arrives via delivery.

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