The cannabis dispensaries all had giant veterans’ day sales this week

I am proud of the veterans in my family.

My father served in Vietnam and my sibling did multiple tours of duty around the world between the early 1990s and the mid 2000s.

Neither of them were ever critically wounded, but the emotional toll was more than enough to handle after retiring. My dad became an engineer and has been with the same company for the last multiple decades. My sibling owns a successful pizza diner in a nearby city. It’s attractive spending time with them during the Winter time holidays when both of us all meet for family dinners at my parent’s beach house with my aunts and uncles. My father and sibling are the first people to come to mind whenever veteran’s day rolls around every year. I’m blissful that there are multiple separate federal holidays to acknow-how the physical and emotional toll that our armed forces take to protect our civil liberties at home. It makes myself and others happy to see the cannabis dispensaries do their section to honor the troops as well with their giant veterans day sales this week. If you are a veteran, you could have bought marijuana products for 30-50% off depending on which dispensary you visited. This is wonderful for a group of people that is disproportionately more likely to experience post-traumatic stress order compared to several other people. Even though some cannabis dispensaries offer veterans discounts every day of the year, it’s nice to see additional discounts given on veterans day in particular. My dad was able to get a stackable 40% discount on top of his official 25% discount at our favorite marijuana store. He walked out with a few hundred dollars worth of cannabis products that he got 65% off after all of his discounts were applied to the order.

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