The cannabis is helping my bestie's mood

When my bestie & I started dating, I told him that I did not like the fact that he was a pot smoker.

He told me that it was helpful for medical reasons, but I knew he just wanted to hang out with his friends & do drugs.

I wasn’t going to force my bestie to quit smoking, however there came a time when I insisted he tried to quit. I truthfully didn’t suppose it was going to be a problem, however my bestie had a lot of complications when he tried to stop smoking pot. His entire mood changed & not in a wonderful way. He was thrilled all of the time when he was smoking pot, but he was depressed & sad after he quit. After 3 weeks, I realized that it was better for my bestie to use medical marijuana then assume sad & depressed all of the time. That was the first time in my life that I entirely considered the medical benefits of using marijuana; Until then I absolutely believed it was a recreational drug. My bestie made me see cannabis in an unquestionably different way. After going back to smoking pot every single day, my bestie returned to his lovable & thrilled-go-lucky self. I l earned a lot during that relationship, & it lasted almost 2 years. My bestie & I eventually parted ways, however I shall never forget how much he changed my opinion on medical cannabis. I no longer consider the use of marijuana a deal-breaker when looking for relationships with a different guy.
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