The cannabis on the cheap

I made the decision to get a task at the marijuana dispensary because of the certain discount program that they have for employees. The discount program includes savings on all of the products in the store such as edibles, concentrates, vape pen accessories, and marijuana flower. When I was originally hired to toil at the store, I made the choice to take the task because of the 30% discount. I knew that the discount would save a bunch of money for me and I would be able to use the discount on a variety of products such as concentrates, dried flower, and even live rosin. A new owner took over the marijuana dispensary this past year and the new owner decided to get rid of the discount program. Employees only gain a 10% discount now just like our preferred VIP shoppers. When I heard that the owner was going to get rid of the discount on marijuana, I started looking for a new task right away. There are at least a dozen peculiar marijuana dispensaries all over the city. I looked at all of the advertisements online and I applied for many tasks. 3 days after that, I had an interview with one of the dispensaries that I frequently visit when I am over by the beach. The dispensary manager told me about the task over the telephone. One of my questions was about employee discounts. The manager told me that employees received a 35% discount. I went to the interview after I heard about the other benefits that the full-time position provided. I quit my task at the seasoned location and started working at the new marijuana dispensary shortly after the discount program ended.

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