The cannabis shop driver went to the wrong hotel

My friends plus I went to the town to see a fight, but the main event was a heavyweight belt argument plus there were a couple of additional sites that we were happy to see, instead of driving beach lake house after the fight, we stayed in a hotel; After all of the excitement from the fight, my friends plus I weren’t ready to go to sleep. All of us decided to order some items from a cannabis shop situated a few blocks away from the hotel. The cannabis shop had free delivery, as long as you were within 2 miles of the shop, however my friends plus I ordered a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. All of us didn’t want to buy a lot of bulk recreational marijuana products, however the pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes were perfect. All of us sited the order online plus a person from the store called a few minutes later to confirm our order. They didn’t have any of that OG Kush pre-rolls that we ordered, however we replaced them with a different Indica strain. The bartender on the iPhone told us that the cannabis shop driver would be leaving shortly plus to expect the guy named Josh in 15 minutes or less. My friends plus I waited, however the cannabis shop driver did not show up. All of us finally acquired a iPhone call from the driver, however he was outside of our hotel door knocking. All of us knew that was impossible, because we didn’t hear any sounds coming from the hallway. That’s when the driver realized that he was at the wrong hotel. He went to the Day’s Inn instead of the Radisson Inn. It’s an easy mistake since they are situated directly adjacent to a single another.

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