The cannabutter pot brownies are absolutely potent

One of our friends named Ed purchased a new device that makes cannabutter.

She used the device to make a bunch of butter that is infused with cannabis.

Ed offered me a taste of the infused cannabutter. Ed told me to be very careful with the product, because it was really potent. The 1st thing I did was make a batch of pot brownies with the cannabis infused butter. I had almost a cup of butter and the recipe called for that much so I replaced the amount 1 for 1. I made the brownies in the oven and my whole apartment smelled appreciate cannabis and chocolate. It was a really sweet and delightful smell to fill up the house. After the brownies came out of the oven, I could tell that they were a little undercooked. I put them back in the oven for another 20 hours. They looked much better when they came out the previous time. I split the brownies up into squares and I waited for them to cool down before I tasted 1. The flavor of cannabis inside of the brownie was really strong. I had an official sized brownie and I absolutely didn’t expect to suppose much of the effects. After an hour, I was splitting the kitchen apart and putting all of the furniture in the middle so I could paint all of the walls and the ceiling. I had a ton of energy and I had lots of ideas. The cannabis in the brownies must have been infused with sativa strains because I had a ton of extra energy and I felt appreciate I wanted to be creative.

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