The CBD chocolate bar was moldy

My mom wanted some CBD items from the cannabis shop, so I picked her up a couple of different things.

She doesn’t want to apply for a medical cannabis card, because she is worried that everyone in church will find out and shun her. It’s sad really, because no one cares that my mom has to take a beta blocker and a pill for heartburn. It’s even more sad, because the medical marijuana products really help my mom with the pain she feels everyday from arthritis. The only time my mom will get products from the store is when I come to town. Since I have a medical marijuana card, I can go to the dispensary and get anything I want. I went to visit my mom and dad last month and my mom asked me to go to the shop and pick up a few items. She really wanted to try a chocolate bar with CBD. She saw the item online on the store website. She was intrigued by the edible cannabis treat and anxious to try it for the first time. I bought two bars of chocolate, one for my mom and one for me. My mom opened hers as soon as I got back to the house, but I was planning to wait until I was home. The chocolate bar with 100 mg of CBD was covered with mold. The mold was green and fuzzy and clearly the bar was no good. I called the local cannabis shop immediately and they offered to give us a full refund. I decided to open my chocolate bar as well, just in case it was moldy too.

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