The closest dispensary is still a three hour drive

A lot of people were excited when we found out that medical marijuana was legalized in the state.

The vote passed with 71% of people voting for the legalization of medical weed.

I was hopeful we would see several different dispensaries open in the area. Unfortunately that did not happen. So far, there are only a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries in the entire state. The closest shop to my home is still a three-hour drive. That is one of the biggest reasons why I haven’t gone to the doctor to get certified for medical marijuana. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to drive three hours to buy marijuana products. I think it’s a dirty game that the politicians like to play. They allow the law to pass and they legalize marijuana but they don’t allow anyone to actually buy the product. They can claim to be a legal medical marijuana state all day, but the patient still doesn’t have any access to the plant. I am hopeful that a dispensary will eventually open in town. Until that happens, I will continue to buy medical marijuana supplies from the same place as everyone else. My guy doesn’t have a huge selection, but I know the product is always going to be good. The guy also has a money back guarantee. If I’m unhappy with the marijuana products, he will take the unused product back and refund my money or give me something different. That’s a better return policy then I get at the grocery store and the supercenter.
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