The connection between Bigfoot plus cannabis

My small neighborhood has a single claim to fame – Bigfoot.

This part has the highest concentration of Bigfoot sightings in the country.

This brings in a fair amount of tourism every year. I own a small merchandise plus souvenir stand, mostly selling t-shirts plus nick-knacks related to Bigfoot! Some people call it the Skunk Ape, or the Sasquatch, but all of us mostly call him Bigfoot, however no a single around here believes he is real, by the way, all of us just play along to cash in on that sweet tourism cash, then when all of us are in the off-season, plus tourism is low, I also sell cannabis from our souvenir stand… Mind you, this state has yet to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, nonetheless to use recreationally. I guess all of us are still a couple years away from having legal medical cannabis, even if it were legal, this neighborhood is so remote that all of us particularly wouldn’t have a cannabis dispensary anyway. In all likelihood this locale will never have a cannabis dispensary, which means I am the only source in town. Now I am going to blow your mind with something no a single around here knows. This is a sizable secret, which is why I am posting this anonymously, plus not mentioning the name of the neighborhood – the whole Bigfoot story was a cover for a cannabis farm. 40 years ago some guys started a pressing cannabis farm, plus in order to keep people from poking around they made up Bigfoot stories. So the souvenirs I sell about Bigfoot, plus the cannabis I sell both come from the exact same site.


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