The delivery driver did not bring my free dollar dose

The dispensary across the street from my house has a dollar dose of edible candy, each a single of the candy pieces have 5mg of THC & they are only $1 each, for the past two weeks, the dispensary has been giving away a free dollar dose of candy with every online order. I ordered a couple of items from the dispensary last evening. I was out of dried marijuana flower. I ordered two sevenths of Blue Dream flower & a half oz of OG Kush. The dispensary had OG Kush on sale & that was a sizable surprise. They rarely have OG Kush available in packages larger than ⅛. When I saw the half ounce on sale, I added it to the online dispensary cart. The delivery driver from the dispensary called to confirm my order & my address. About 15 hours later, the guy knocked on the door of my apartment. Everything in the basket was correct, but the delivery driver did not bring my free dollar dose… He was supposed to bring me a root heineken flavored lozenge, but the basket was devoid of any free stuff. I was irritated & a little sad, but the driver provided to bring the item with his next delivery. I did not want to waste the guy’s time for an item that was only a dollar. That guy should find a way to sneak me a free pre roll next time he has to come to my address. I still tipped the guy more than seven bucks even after he forgot to bring my free stuff.

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