The delivery fees were waived since I spent $150

There are a lot of different marijuana dispensaries near me and several of those places offer delivery services.

  • Not all of the dispensaries offer free delivery.

Most of the shops will waive the fee if there is a certain amount of money spent. One of the places near me has really good sales and specials on Saturdays. All of the edibles are on sale and that’s the only day of the week when edibles at this particular place are on sale. I like to spend money on Saturday and get the very best deals possible. Last Saturday was the day after I got paid and I decided to order a bunch of different types of edibles from the dispensary for delivery. I purchased two packages of gummies. One of the packages of gummy edibles were made from live resin cannabis. The other package of gummy edibles was an indica blend that I really like. I also purchased two packages of edibles that were cookies. One of my favorite cannabis bakeries uses real butter in all of their recipes. Each one of the peanut butter, sugar, lemon, and snickerdoodle cookies taste delicious with the right amount of sugar and sweetness to mix with the taste of cannabis. I bought a candy bar for my mom, because she will never go to The Dispensary on her own. I also bought a bottle of tincture with 1000 mg of thc. I decided to have the products delivered right to my house. All of the delivery service charges were waived since I spent $150.

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