The delivery order was missed somehow

I thought we would get a phone call from the dispensary, but we did not.

My wife made a delicious pot roast on Sunday and the two of us had leftovers for dinner and lunch the next day. I was stuffed when lunch was over and I lay down for a short nap. When I woke up, I got a text message from one of the local marijuana dispensaries. The text message was an alert of a flash sale. This particular marijuana dispensary sends out emails and text messages when there is a flash sale. A flash sale only lasts for 2 hours and they only send an email to the customers who are registered with the social media platform. The text message that I received on that day was an alert that all of the marijuana vape cartridges were 30% off. Even the really nice live resin marijuana vape cartridges were included in the 30% off sale. I grabbed my wife and we looked at the online menu. We ordered 6 different types of marijuana vape pens. We had three indicas, two hybrids, and one sativa vape Pen cartridge. We put all of our details into the order form. We had to take a picture of the front and the back of our drivers licenses. We got an email confirmation from the dispensary. Then we never heard anything else after that. I thought we would get a phone call from the dispensary, but we did not. After an hour had passed, I decided to contact the marijuana dispensary. I gave the manager the confirmation email that I received as well as the information from the text message. The woman on the phone apologized, but she could not find my order in the system and it was too late in the evening to send another driver to our address.

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