The delivery service makes you order one day ahead of time

Most of the marijuana dispensaries in the area offer delivery, but they all charge a fee.

There are a couple of places that allow you to order one day ahead of time.

If you order a day ahead of time, then you don’t have to pay the delivery service fee. I’ve been ordering my marijuana supplies from the same dispensary for the past year. The dispensary has the best prices in town and they offer free delivery with a day of notice. Last Tuesday I ordered from the delivery service. I was completely out of dried marijuana flower. I smoked my last joint on the previous night. I went online to look at the delivery specials. I ordered a half ounce of Blue Dream sativa flower. I also ordered a half ounce of OG Kush. I prefer to have a sativa and an indica at home. Sativas are nice for the morning before I go to work. Indicas are nice for night time and relaxing. I was also surprised to see all of the vape cartridges were on sale. I added two different Vape cartridges to the cart. Both were live resin cartridges with more than 90% THC. I was pretty excited to receive all of my marijuana products the next day. The driver showed up right around 5 PM, which is the time that I requested for the delivery. Since the driver arrived at the same time as I requested, I decided to give the guy a $20 tip. I normally only tip $10, but I was in a good mood when I saw the driver.

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