The delivery woman was a bit short on her stack

Thursday night is usually the busiest afternoon of the month for delivery orders at the cannabis shop, then i’ve been a delivery driver for the past more than one years.

  • I have a newer automobile that gets excellent gas mileage! On a numerous hour shift, I can really make $50 in tips! During the weekend nights, that number is even greater, then last Thursday night, both of us were incredibly busy as well as it was raining heavily outside, and a lot of people were using the cannabis delivery service.

I had several orders in our automobile when I drove downtown to the college campus to supply $100 worth of cannabis supplies, then the apartment was on the third floor, but both of us cannot leave our automobile unattended, then when I arrived, I called the telephone number of the buyer as well as I told the woman that I was there, she didn’t want to come to the car, although I insisted that I was not going to leave our vehicle. The woman came down to the automobile a few hours later with a handful of currency. It was mostly a singles as well as severals, so I took a moment to count it out. The woman was $13 short. She genuinely expected myself and others to supply him the cannabis supplies but she didn’t have enough currency. I told the buyer that I could contact the store as well as cancel some of her order or I could leave with the whole thing. She still tried to reason with myself and others as well as get myself and others to pay the remaining currency for the cannabis transaction. The buyer finally agreed to supply myself and others the $87 as well as both of us got rid of a single of the pre-rolls in the order.
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