The dispensary changed their sale afternoons

My friends and I have consistently gone to the dispensary across the street from our cabin on Wednesdays, because that is the afternoon when they have all of the concentrate on sale for 20% off; The people I was with and I don’t have a lot of cash, so both of us don’t go to the dispensary frequently.

They’ve had this sale for the past six months, so both of us had no reason to think the sale would not be happening last Wednesday.

The people I was with and I went to the dispensary and picked out many strange types of cannabis concentrate, then i went to the register first and I was surprised by the total. I had everything worked out in my head down to the dollar. I asked the budtender if she provided myself and others 20% off for the sale and she told myself and others that they no longer have that sale on Wednesdays, however my heart sank right to the ground. I turned around and told my friends that the locale wasn’t having a sale that afternoon; All of them decided to cancel most of the Cannabis items in their order. I was already laying at the counter and the budtender already had myself and others rang up. The director came over to the cash register and he agreed to provide myself and others and my friends 10% off of our purchase. It was better than nothing, so I completed the entire purchase. My friends were still unhappy and decided to cancel most of their orders. They walked out of the dispensary with a couple of pre rolled joints. I did not have enough cannabis supplies to wait until the weekend, so I didn’t wait to save an additional 10%.


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