The dispensary parking lot was filled with cars

My wife and I frequently order from the marijuana delivery service, but it was such a beautiful day that we decided to drive to a different dispensary on saturday.

The weather was very calm and sunny.

There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and there was no rain at all. We drove down the coast about 30 minutes to a dispensary that is right by the beach. We enjoyed a few hours at the beach before going to the dispensary on the way home from our outing. When we got to the dispensary, we noticed that the whole place was filled up. The parking lot was filled with cars. There was a line outside of the door and we had to wait almost 15 minutes before the security guard even checked our id. Once we were inside of the building, we had to wait in a small seating area. There were about four or five chairs, but there were easily a dozen people sitting and standing around. My wife and I waited a very long time before we actually got back to talk with a budtender. It was worth waiting to go to the dispensary, because we got a lot of great deals. This particular dispensary is always busy due to the sales and specials. We picked out a lot of different edibles, concentrates, and dried marijuana flour. We even ended up with a couple of eighths of dried marijuana flower that were only $5 each. It’s no wonder there were so many people waiting outside to get into the building.


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