The dispensary time clock is a disaster

My acquaintance & I work for a marijuana dispensary in the city, then i have been working at the marijuana dispensary for the past 6 months, however my acquaintance started working at the site 2 months ago.

One of the things that I liked best about working at the marijuana dispensary was the fact that I did not have to punch a Time clock.

If I was stressed to work from 4:00 until 11:00, I did not have to clock in or out anywhere to put my time in, however the manager always checked to make sure if you were there & if so, she made sure that your hours were right on the schedule. Occasionally I did not get to work until 4:15 or 4:20. I never thought it was a huge deal until the marijuana dispensary hired a new contractor for payroll & timekeeping. The new contractor installed software on the PCs to keep track of all of the employees’ hours… My buddy and I had to use the point of sale PCs to log in & out of the software, however each one of us has a separate number & my associate and I have to manually enter our number into the point of sale system. If my associate and I are more than 7 minutes late, the manager gets an automatic SMS. If my associate and I clock out more than 7 minutes early, the manager also gets an SMS. I know the dispensary time clock is a crock. I am aggravated, because I have been in trouble three times this week for being late. The manager never used to notice in the past.
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