The dispensary was completely out of cheap sativa

I would really buy that stuff again if it was on sale

I called an Uber to take me to the dispensary on Saturday afternoon. I needed to stock up on sativa flower plus I was completely out. I barely had enough cash for the Uber plus the Cannabis supplies, so I was miserable when I found out that the dispensary was completely out of cheap sativa flower. The only sativa flower available was top-shelf products that were way out of our price range. Most of the time I spend about $30 or less for an eighth of marijuana flower. All of the products available were $50 or more. I didn’t have enough cash to call another Uber to take me to a weird dispensary, so I complained to the manager about the prices. I begged for a discount so the prices were more acceptable. I genuinely didn’t think it would work, plus I was surprised when the manager agreed to give me 20% off any top-shelf purchase of dried marijuana flower. I picked up a red dream strain that has 38% THC. It’s the highest THC gratified I have ever seen in a sativa. The flower that I respectfully Smoke Gets me high, but this top-shelf cannabis was out of this world plus super fire. I would really buy that stuff again if it was on sale. There is clearly a big difference between the low tier flower plus the top-tier priced cannabis. I didn’t realize the difference before I smoked something better, but now it’s going to be difficult to go back to the cheap stuff. Of course, seeing the higher prices will certainly make it easier.


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