The dispensary was out of indica wax

Since recreational marijuana is not legal in this state, the number of dispensaries is low.

Medical marijuana has been legal for several years, but the cost of treatment is still very high.

It costs about $200 to visit with a medical marijuana doctor and then you have to pay another $200 for the State Licensing fees. The dispensary charges an arm and a leg for all of their marijuana products. The average cost of medical marijuana is about 25% lower than the prices in our state. Luckily, the medical marijuana dispensary carries a wide variety of products like Edibles, concentrates, tinctures, flower, and vape cartridges. When I first started using medical marijuana, I tried the edibles. I didn’t think I would like the way marijuana tastes, so I started with a simple and tasty chocolate candy. I quickly graduated to other medical marijuana products after I realized how well they help my disease. I have a chronic disease that causes a lot of inflammation and pain. Marijuana helps with the pain a great deal and it has been proven to have a number of anti-inflammatory properties. I even buy products that have CBD, because this specific cannabinoid has been proven effective in treating pain and inflammation. My favorite product at the dispensary is wax and shatter. Although the product is expensive, one tiny hit is all I need to feel relief. When the dispensary is out of indica wax, I search all over town to find what I need. I will not go to bed without hitting my indica wax. It’s the only way I can sleep peacefully.

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