The distributor is getting new packaging so everything is on sale

One of the recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries had a huge sale on all of the cannabis concentrates from one particular distributor.

The distributor was getting new packaging for all of the concentrates and everything was on sale.

The distributor authorized a sale at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary and all of the products were buy one and get one for $1. My friends and I went to the sale when we found out that everything was going to be buy one and get one for $1. The cannabis concentrate distributor is one of my favorite brands and I was excited about the sale. We were lucky to find out about the sale ahead of time. My friend works at the cannabis dispensary. They did not advertise the sale. They decided to offer the products to all of the people that came into the dispensary. The products were not offered for delivery and the sale was only applied to orders that were made in the store. My friend called me to tell me about the sale and I told a couple of friends. We went to the dispensary at lunch time. I get an hour for lunch and the dispensary is only a few miles away. I didn’t want to wait until the end of the day to go to the shop, because I was afraid that all of the good strains would be gone. I really wanted to make sure that I would get a blue dream or OG Kush concentrate. Those are two of my favorite marijuana strains.
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