The drive-in movie was a great date night

My wifey commanded all of us go to a drive-in movieplex for a fun date night! The drive-in movieplex is at least an minute or an minute plus 15 hours away from our house.

The last couple of times that my wifey commanded going to the drive-in, I shot down the program because I don’t love to drive when I am weary.

The films would not end until after midnight plus then I would be forced to drive a long distance back current home when my esure were ready to fall asleep, but i ended up having the day off on Tuesday because a equipment broke down at work. Instead of making us go to the shop to stand around, they told most people to take a 3-day weekend… When my wifey found out that I was going to have the whole day off, she commanded taking a nap so I would have more energy at the end of the night. It was a really fine program plus I did want to make my wifey happy. I took a nap in the afternoon from 3:00 until 5:00. I woke up feeling actually refreshed. Both of us gathered up some supplies for the drive-in movie night. Both of us got some snacks from the cupboard plus I grabbed some marijuana supplies. I got my wifey’s marijuana vape pen plus a tote of edibles. I also brought a marijuana joint, although I didn’t know if all of us would be able to smoke it or not. I didn’t know if all of us would get parking in the middle of a crowd or towards the end of the field where all of us would be able to smoke a joint.


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