The edibles looked like genuine candy from the store

My friends in addition to I were watching a documentary about medical marijuana edibles.

It was absolutely informative in addition to eye opening.

I did not suppose much about medical marijuana until the people I was with and I watched the documentary. The documentary discussed the dangers of medical marijuana edibles. They showed many different packages on TV in addition to numerous of the packages were brightly colored with cartoon or fictional characters on the packaging. To be honest, the marijuana edibles absolutely looked like something you might find on the candy rack at the grocery store; A few of the packages even resembled popular candies that you see this week. I watched the documentary in addition to a few afternoons later I saw a news story about a several-year-old that overdosed on THC Edibles. The parents left a basket of Edibles on the kitchen table in addition to the several-year-old got up early in the morning to watch cartoons. The kid saw the basket of candy on the table in addition to decided to cut the rules by helping himself to a generous portion of the candy, and when the parents woke up a few sevenths later, the kid was passed out on the couch in addition to breathing slowly. The parents panicked in addition to took the child to the emergency room where it was discovered that the child had overdosed on marijuana. I’m surprised their parents were allowed to take their child house from the hospital after that neglectful situation. The child fully recovered thankfully, in addition to there will not be any long-term side effects from the overdose. Still, I suppose it might be time to examine the packaging that marijuana companies are using.

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