The edibles taste like cough syrup

When the state finally allowed the sale of edibles in medical marijuana dispensaries, the laws were very particular.

The flavors allowed by law were clearly outlined and the cannabis shops were only allowed to use extracts and flavors that are considered medicinal. I looked for lots of different edibles at all of the places in this town. I didn’t find anything flavored like cherry, orange, or lemon. The dispensary downtown had a selection of lozenges that were 10mg of THC each. They had two flavors, mint and honey. They were out of honey, so I really had one choice. I thought the mint flavored lozenge might be good, so I decided to buy a ten pack. As soon as I got to the car, I opened the edible candy treat and popped two in my mouth. They tasted terrible. I was hoping for a peppermint, spearmint, or Wintergreen flavor. Instead I had a flavor that was more like a Halls cough drop. I didn’t even want to finish the lozenge, because the taste was so bad. Thank goodness that dispensary downtown has a great policy on returns. I went right back into the store and I told them that I wanted my money back. They didn’t ask any questions at all and refunded the money I paid for the pack of edible lozenges. I’m sure that I wasn’t the first person to ask for a refund on those nasty things. Until we have cookies, brownies, and space cake available, I’m going to continue to smoke dried flowers and leave the edible lozenges on the shelf.
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