The expensive and indoor products were already gone

Every one of us were going to meet last weekend so we could play hoops at the gym.

My friends were supposed to be there early, but every one of us did not start our Hoops game until the late afternoon.

We most often finished with the game at lunch time, but we did not get out of there until much later. I was unaware if I would have any time to hit the recreational weed shop. The recreational weed shop is a couple of blocks from the gym where my friends plus myself play basketball. I was going to be upset if all of the top shelf and indoor flower was already gone by the time that I arrive. The top shelf products are always on sale Sundays and that was the day that we were playing ball. The security officer tried to make small talk while I was waiting outside in line. I wasn’t feeling very interested in making small talk as well as I just wanted to get in and out of the building. The security officer remember seeing me on the previous week. When I was inside of the marijuana shop, I was immediately pleased to see a very large selection still available on the shelves. Every one of us purchased and entirely a nice indoor blue dream that was 33%. Every one of us purchased a 1/8 of super silver haze that was nearly colorless like paper. The strain was covered with tiny THC crystals. The item was really nice and like smoking some bubble hash made with cold water.


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