The expensive marijuana varies from place to place

Before my wife and I moved to the West coast, we lived down south where marijuana was only legal for medical purposes.

The costs to buy medical marijuana was very expensive and insurance does not cover any of the fees.

The average cost for an ace of medical marijuana was around $50. The average cost for a gram of shatter or wax was $60 and live rosin was around $85. Most of the medical marijuana dispensaries didn’t have any edibles at all and if they did, they had to be flavored like mint, lime, or green tea. Those were the only flavors that were allowed by state law. Now that we live on the west coast, we have a much larger selection of recreational and medical marijuana. We can get a number of different items. The edibles have different types of flavors like orange banana, fruit punch, and pina colada. I can find grams of shatter or wax for $20 each and I recently found a live rosin supplier that only charges $40 for a single gram. The biggest and best savings for me is the amount of money that I save on marijuana flower. Dried marijuana flower hair can be found for around $10 for an eighth. I can even spend more money and get a product that is way better than anything I ever saw down south. From state to state, it is easy to see that the marijuana products greatly differ. Some states don’t even have medical marijuana legal at all and getting caught with the smallest amount of hash could mean penalties that are very stiff.

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