The flavored pre roll wasn't very good

My friends and I went to the marijuana dispensary before we went camping.

We wanted to pick up a few items for the camping trip.

I had extra money for the weekend and I used the cash to buy extra marijuana supplies. One of the items that I purchased was an infused pre-roll. The flavored pre-roll was supposed to taste like grapes. The one gram joint was $25 and much more expensive than any product I would normally purchase. I honestly thought the joint was going to be good quality since it was so expensive. After my friends and I left the dispensary, the infused pre-roll was the first product we decided to try. My friends and I were disappointed that the pre-roll did not taste like grapes. The flavor was very basic. The pre-rolled marijuana joint honestly didn’t taste much different than any other product in the store. For $25, I was very disappointed by the product. My friends and I decided to stop at the same dispensary on the way home. The budtender remembered me from a few days previously. The guy wanted to know how I enjoyed the infused pre-roll and I gave the guy an honest answer. When the bartender found out that I was not impressed with the product, he offered to give me a discount on another screen. It was a nice offer, but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I already tried the flavored pre-rolls and I wasn’t impressed at all by the taste or the quality of the top shelf flower.



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