The flight back home was grounded due to someone smoking weed in the bathroom

The flight attendant closed the bathroom and inspected the area.

A lot of basic problems can keep a flight from getting off the ground. It might be something like electrical or mechanical problems, or it could be as simple as a lost piece of luggage. It could be an issue with the heating or the plumbing. I’ve never really been on a flight with a lot of problems until a couple of weeks ago. I was on a red-eye flight on my way back home from a two-week business meeting. The flight was 4 hours long and I was trying to get some sleep so I could drive home after the flight. I still had two hours of driving after I arrived at the airport and I didn’t want to waste any time getting back home. Unfortunately, the flight was grounded when someone was smoking marijuana in the bathroom. I didn’t smell marijuana, but one of the flight attendants got a complaint from someone sitting up front. The person said that they could smell marijuana coming from the bathroom. The flight attendant closed the bathroom and inspected the area. She must have found marijuana or something else that was disturbing, because we had to land 2 hours ahead of schedule. Our flight was delayed and grounded and they took a guy off of the plane in handcuffs. Of course there are cameras all over the plane to catch every person going in and out of the bathroom. I never thought about it in the past, but I’m sure that’s how they figured out who was smoking marijuana in the bathroom on the airplane.

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