The freezing weather caused more night deliveries

When the marijuana dispensary started to offer deliveries, I knew that Max and I were going to be slammed all of the time! People like getting things delivered, and it does not matter if it is pizza, chinese, or marijuana.

America has become a lazy society of people that want things on demand.

There are always more deliveries whenever the weather turns cold. It’s like that with every single genre of delivery services. Whether it’s food, laundry, flowers, or medical and recreational marijuana purchases, the Winter weather is the time when most people choose delivery instead of pickup. The roads are horrible. They are covered with ice and snow half of the time. It’s easily slippery and dangerous. It’s quite dangerous to leave the house. If you can have something delivered, then why wouldn’t you choose that route? It’s faster, easier, and affordable. Most of the local companies and houses are scattered in this area of the country. All of us still offer marijuana delivery services for the entire county. That’s a pretty sizable delivery range for one dispensary, but alas, there aren’t a bunch of marijuana shops in the area. All of us cover the entire county, because there is no one else, however last Wintertide break, I was laboring for the marijuana delivery repair and Max and I were tied up with orders every single morning. I didn’t have a cut at all while in my nine-hour shift. As soon as I came back to the store from delivering one marijuana order, there was another one or 2 waiting for myself and others to go. I made a ton of money while in the Winter weather both in tips and in overtime.

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