The girl invited me to smoke a bowl of weed and play video games

Jack is a modern employee that started working at the heating and AC repair shop about a month ago; Jack then seems like a pretty cool chick from what I know about the woman.

She is single with two youngsters and has been working in the corporation for the past 10 years.

I had the pick to work with Jack all day on Thursday and things weren’t genuinely well. I finally learned a lot about the girl including the fact that she likes to smoke recreational marijuana… Recreational marijuana is 100% legal in this state and there are lots of sites to buy the products. Jack asked if I was a lady to smoke recreational marijuana and I told him that it is not something I correctly do. I actually smoked weed in college, however I had not smoked in a genuinely long time. The girl invited me to smoke a bowl and come to her apartment after work to play video games. My loving wife was working until 11:00 and it sounded like a good way to spend the night. I went back to my home and took a shower and changed and then I texted Jack for instruction to her apartment. She was about a full five or six miles away, however I took an Uber instead of driving. I didn’t know if I would be able to drive to my apartment after smoking marijuana and drinking a few beers and I wanted to be safe. I also didn’t really want to have to ask my loving wife to pick me up after she had worked 1 12 hour day at the hospital.