The Harlequin 4 to 1 CBD/THC was on sale.

Shortly after I tried medical marijuana for the first time, I also discovered Harlequin 4:1.

Harlequin 4:1 was CBD/THC that was 68% CBD plus 20% THC.

It worked well for my restless leg syndrome plus I was able to sleep all night. It wasn’t until I found the Harlequin 4:1 that I had relief from the RLS. Last week, I was heading to the medical marijuana dispensary. Before I left the house, I had ran tests on the marijuana dispensary online sales list, plus I found that Harlequin 4:1 was on sale. I could not believe that I may be able to purchase my favorite medical marijuana for almost a 25% discount. I put in an order to purchase three of them. When I got to the marijuana store I had to show them my medical marijuana ID card. I chuckle now whenever they ask for my ID card. I had been coming here for almost three years, plus I knew everyone by name. It seemed they would have also known my name, however obviously there were so multiple budtenders that worked there, they didn’t have time to remember anyone. I gave them my name plus told them I had placed an order. While ringing up my order, he started telling myself and others about other marijuana products that were on sale. He provided to supply myself and others a sample of a gummy with a 12:1 CBD/THC ratio. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase it at that time, however maybe someday in the future. I had already exceeded my budget for marijuana products.
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