The lawn care guy was smoking cannabis in the backyard

Once a week, I have someone come to my house to perform lawn care services.

For the past six years, my hubby and I have been using the same lawn care service.

The owner of the company is an older guy, but he doesn’t work much anymore. Now he has a younger crew to handle most of the lawn service work. One of the guys is his son and I have talked with that guy on more than one occasion. The guys who were here to work on the lawn last month were unfamiliar faces that I have not seen in the past. One of the guys was smoking a cannabis joint in the backyard while he was trimming the hedges. I double checked to make sure it wasn’t a cigarette. I walked out back and I could smell the terrible and awful stench of marijuana in the air. To be honest, I couldn’t believe the guy was smoking cannabis in the backyard. He didn’t even blink or bat an eye when I walked out back. After the crew finished with my lawn, I decided to call the owner of the company. He was very surprised when he heard the news and he apologized over and over. He promised to get to the bottom of the problem. I never saw that guy again, so I assumed the owner of the lawn service company had to fire him. I don’t have any problems with cannabis and I think it is everyone’s individual right to use the plant. I don’t think it should be used on the job.

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