The leaking water pipe is getting worse every afternoon

Everyday it seems care about the water pipe in the office is leaking worse as well as worse. I have been complaining about the water pipe for the past 3 weeks. I told the owner of the marijuana dispensary that this was something we needed to take care of now before it became a extreme problem. They ignored my pleas for help. On Tuesday, I went to the dispensary to open the store in the afternoon. I expected to see a puddle of water by my desk, because the pipe has been leaking. The puddle was much larger than the previous afternoon when I opened the store. The next afternoon, the puddle of water was even larger. That afternoon I contacted my boss as well as I told her that the plumbing contractor needed to be called to the marijuana dispensary before we ended up with a immense problem. My boss emailed myself and others back as well as said she would take care of it. I still have not heard from anyone as well as that was 3 afternoons ago. The leak is getting a lot worse. The ceiling is now soft as well as brown. It is seriously only a matter of afternoons before the ceiling falls into the dispensary as well as we have to worry about damages to more than just the carpet as well as the ceiling. All of the electronics as well as POS systems are located in the office right by the area that is leaking. If the ceiling falls through, everything will get wet. All of the electronic patient as well as staff records are in that room too. It’s going to be a disaster when it happens.

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