The local cannabis dispensary has CBD tinctures for sale right now

It’s worth paying for a medical marijuana card if I can avoid going to jail for having cannabis products in my car.

  • Granted, they can’t be used while I’m driving, but I don’t have to be paranoid when I’m on my way home from the dispensary.

If for some reason I actually got pulled over and the cop smelled something, I’d just show the officer my medical marijuana card and the official labels from the cannabis dispensary. I have never actually heard about people having issues dealing with this problem in the past, however I try to do whatever I can to avoid having any direct issues if I can simply follow the rules like I am supposed to do. It’s a huge privilege being able to shop at a legal cannabis dispensary after years of worrying about getting charged as a criminal for simple possession of the plant. Nowadays I buy as many CBD products directly from my local cannabis dispensaries than I do traditional cannabis products. At least with the CBD products sold at cannabis dispensaries, many of them are lab tested for safety and purity. When I saw the local cannabis dispensary advertise a sale on CBD tinctures, I knew I needed to stock up on my favorite form of hemp edibles. These CBD tinctures are alcohol-based and go right underneath your tongue. I usually keep the CBD tincture in my mouth for about 10 minutes before swallowing it. Using the CBD tinctures under my tongue lets some of it absorb directly into my body before needing to pass through my gut and liver. Compared to basic cannabis distillate oil consumed on a cracker, I’d much rather use CBD and cannabis tinctures out of a dropper bottle.

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